Wednesday, May 18, 2011

update: judaica

Regarding the response to my last post from someone from the Yeshiva University Museum:
I didn't know that Yeshiva University had a museum, but they do and they would like to have a couple of my pieces for their Contemporary Collecton.
I could've been a jerk about it and asked them for money, but I decided to just not worry about it and honor their request for a donation. I don't make my living from making art; and hey, my stuff's going to be seen in a museum. How cool is that?
I'm sending them a mezuzah and a pair of candlesticks. The woman I spoke with has a friend who might want to commission a Kiddush cup from me (I generally only make the cups by request anymore since they're such a bear to make).
Anyway, I think this is pretty damned cool.


lynnef said...

It is pretty damn cool. You make beautiful stuff. And, quite frankly, you underestimate the market for bikey-Judaica in PDX. One Hanukkah fair, and you'd see :-) Heck, I am pretty sure my SIL would buy something for me :-) :-) :-)

bikelovejones said...

@ Lynne: If there's something specific you would like, email off-blog and let me know. Meanwhile, the curator at the museum wants to see photos of everything Judaic I make. She has already forwarded photos of the kiddush cups to a dozen friends in the NYC area and says they might be in touch with me.

jjfantastic said...

wow, beth! that's amazing! i mean, not really 'cos your stuff is absolutely beautiful and meaningful and super cool, but that they contacted you out of the blue like that, wanting stuff for their collection? that doesn't happen every day! congrats!

bikelovejones said...

@ JJ: It is definitely blowing my mind a little.
I had to check in with a more-traveled friend (is there a Yeshiva University Museum for real?), but once I did and I called them, it was all just really cool.
It has inspired me to start playing around with dead bike parts again and see what else I come up with.

slow rpm said...

Thanks for this interesting post BLJ. Living here in StKilda ,which is the epi centre of Melbourne's (and possibly Australia's)Jewish community I was glad to learn about your beautiful bikey Judaica. Me thinks it's time for another visit to the Melbourne Jewish museum.

happy cycling,


bikelovejones said...

Thanks RPM. I sent off the donated items to the YU Museum today, and have had several lovely email exchanges with the curator. I'd love to see other examples of Judaic folk-art out there. Let me know if you find anything in Melbourne. Happy riding --B

Vik said...

Congrats. I love the power of the net to connect folks like this. Pieces look great.

safe riding,