Thursday, August 18, 2011

[cyclo]cross training

Today I began my cyclocross-specific training with a morning run.

To be more specific, it was a morning run punctuated by little intervals of walking. Per instructions from friends and teammates, it lasted exactly twenty minutes (not including stretching -- very important!). I hadn't done any running since high school. While I remembered to stretch before and afterwards, I did NOT remember how much I'd bounce around, even in a sports bra (to be honest, I was smaller back then). And then there's the running-while-asthmatic thing; I'm going to need to carry an inhaler with me to do this (I forgot this morning and simply took longer walkng intervals than recommended to get my breath back). I was not asthmatic in high school. And whether or not I have the "right" shoes is anybody's guess. Running shoes weren't quite as technical in 1979 and there were fewer models to choose from. (My current running shoes, a nine-dollar special from ebay, are lightweight, hideously ugly, and fit well. They'll do.)

Still, it felt surprisingly good to jog, to swing my legs and arms back and forth and feel my feet pound the paths in the cool morning air and to feel the sweat under my shirt when I finished. I'll do it again on Saturday.


Davo said...

With that "France" race is out of the way, it is time to start thinking of Cyclocross. Impressive that you are focusing already!

We Seattle folks are crushed the USGP is moving to Bend. My team is talking about heading down and doing a 'crusade race. Any suggestions?

bikelovejones said...

If you're dying to race the Pro Paddock course (the one at PIR which is used for USGP and has also been used for Cross Nats), come down November 13, when that course will host the closing race of the Crusade series.

Another option would be to come down Nov 6 and race at barton park, which is one of THE best cross courses ever -- especially when it's raining.

If you come down for the 13th you can stay at the Motel 6 near PIR (nice and close), and also near the Columbia Slough hiker-biker path (ideal for Tux if he needs a nice place to walk).
Let me know what you decide. I'd LOVE to see you!