Wednesday, November 9, 2011

repeat after me

repeat after me

(As seen at 21st Avenue Bicycles, Portland)


slow rpm said...

Thanks for the heads up,BLJ! I have often wondered.

But is it a cleaner?Or will it leave an oily residue? And I can't help but notice the 'Phil' product beneath the sign!.



bikelovejones said...

Ian -- the fellow I apprenticed with taught me that WD40 is not a lube, but a rust inhibitor and anti-seize fluid. Put it on your chain and it will wear out a *lot* faster. It should be reserved for unsticking stubborn, rusted bits (I've had success un-seizing stuck handlebar stems from inside head tubes, for example).

Frankly, there should've been another sign indicating that, while 3-In-1 oil is technically a "lube", there are too many better options out there to consider using this one anywhere on a bike.

rickrise said...

WD-40 is perfect for many things, and makes an adequate light-duty chainlube that is good for about 40 miles in dry (or dusty) conditions. If your chain is rusted ti will unstick it and prepare it for a heavier-duty chainlube.

One of the best lubes ever was from motorcycling, designed by The Dirt Rider decades ago:molybdenum disulfide and Teflon powders mixed with 90-weight gear oil and a bit of gasoline as solvent. (Moly makes graphite seem like sand by comparison.)

I favor waxes nowadays--used to hot-wax but now I'm lazy and use Boeshield T-9 or White Lightning. Nothing beats hot-waxing, which dries up inside the chain and stays there to keep lubricating for around 500 miles, and and won't cause crud to stick, but it's annoying to apply.

WD-40, by the way, is indeed a lube as well as a solvent. It has oil in it. But, less than 25%.

Me and WD-40 have been tight for decades.