Friday, January 13, 2012

Timbuk2 Dee Dog bag, ca. 1999

Timbuk2 Dee Dog bag, ca. 1999
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Circa 1999. Custom color combo, lefty, made-to-order in USA. I am selling it because I can no longer use a single-strap bag on my bike. (I've since switched to a backpack.)
UPDATE: This bag has been sold to a happy camper, presumably one without shoulder or back issues.


Davo said...

My sweet wife bought me a Timbuk2 bag four years ago. It has been around the world and to work with me every day. It still looks essentially brand new. When I see one that shows even a hint of wear I know it has been well loved.
Didn't this disappear for a while ? I am sure the good Karma goes with it and hope it finds a happy home.

bikelovejones said...

This bag was stolen from a restaurant a couple of years ago, and was recovered about two weeks after its disappearance. At the time it was my only serious bag. Since then I've had to switch to a backpack to save my shoulders and neck, and I simply can't carry anything in this bag anymore.

I live in too small a house to take up someone else's suggestion that I hang it on the wall for show -- and that's not my idea of decor at this pint in my life anyway -- so I'm selling it.

Up close there are a few tell-tale signs of wear, but overall the bag is in very good shape for its age. It's back on ebay again and if I can't sell it there I'll put it on craigslist.

bikelovejones said...

Okay. Three attempts at selling on eBay and nothing. Not a bite. So I guess I'm meant to keep it for now.
I may try to add a briefcase handle at the top of the bag to make it a little more versatile; or I may not.
Sweetie is secrety relieved; "you have a history with this bag, hang onto it," she tells me. So there it is.