Friday, February 17, 2012

on riding in the rain

Today I had to run an errand into town for Sweetie, after meeting an appointment for coffee and then seeing my barber for my bi-monthly haircut.

The forecast called for showers off and on through the day. So I brought along my Burley Rock Point rain jacket (which I went back to after my Showers Pass jacket got stolen), my Rivendell Splats and a pair of Rainlegs. I figured, "showers", right? That would be raingear aplenty; plus, although I appreciate how well rain pants work I'm not a fan of wrestling in and out of them when I have multiple local errands.

I was fine until I found myself coming out of the barber's and into a downpour. I wore everything I'd brought and eventually could feel the cold wet rain seep into the gaps where my rainlegs didn't cover my jeans.


I rode through the relentless downpour until I couldn't stand it anymore; then pulled over and tossed my bike on a MAX train for the rest of the ride into town.

Sometimes even I wimp out, that's all I'm saying.

I don't mind riding in the rain most days. But now that it's mid-February I am definitely ready for the longer days, the crocuses and the warming temperatures of spring.


rickrise said...

If I recall. correctly, you didn't get along with rain capes when you tried 'em, but I sure love 'em! It doesn't rain that often in LA, but when it does it's often pretty hard rain, as in monsoon-like. (Naturally I too prefer a steady, light spring rain, and love riding in it, but you get what you get.)

I found a cape and wool knickers & socks work fine even in hard rain, because the wool dries so fast once you're out of the weather,and I really like having just one piece of raingear. I do get wet shoes though.

Gina solves that problem by wearing her Hunter Wellies with a cape. I am too stingy to go that route.

I did a 40 miles round trip to a meeting and back with the cape, so I suggest to other readers that they borrow one to try out. If you can get past their eccentricities, they do work well.

bikelovejones said...

If the heavy rain of Portland wasn't so often accompanied by windy gusts (especially when crossing bridges over the Willamette). then perhaps a rain cape would work better for me. Co-workers made of sterner stuff often use a Carradice Duxback cape combined with the matching leggings (full length, up and over the top pf the knee) and are happy.

Then, too. there are days I prefer to use a backpack and then the cape thing doesn't work at all. So I remain stubbornly in the rain suit camp, and looking for the perfect pair of rain pants.