Thursday, April 5, 2012

the personality of the bike helmet

Anyone remember that classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, the one where the truckload of hats crashes and the hats go flying out the back of the truck? The wind whips up and causes some of the hats to land on our Looney Tunes gang -- Bugs, Daffy and Porky, et al -- and they take on personalities dictated by whatever hat they're wearing.

So it is with bicycle helmets. And when I noticed a long, thin crack in my helmet after only a year's use, I knew I had to replace it. The helmet I'd had, like most of its rpedecessors, was a quasi-racy affair with sleek lines, strategically-placed vents and a shark fin sort of thing gong on in back. The shape was never truly flattering but it did make me look a little like a racer.

With all the changes in my life, I decided something much simpler and less pretentious was in order. After considering my options and liking relatively few of them, I finally went for the Giro Reverb. Basically a throw-back to the color schemes of the early 90's Giro helmets, but with an even simpler shape and MUCH better fit.

I chose a sky blue/white color scheme, and removed the visor since I still prefer wearing cotton cycling caps under my helmet (reduces helmet hair significantly), but otherwise it looks like this. And you know what? I love it. My co-workers have told me it's perfect -- one says it's a "total beth helmet", which I take as high priase. (Sweetie thinks it's ugly and goofy looking, but she thinks this way of most bicycle helmets so I know it's not personal.)

Today, I began cleaning out the closet and drawrers of all the lycra I don't wear anymore -- mostly because a lot of it is now too big on me (I've kept off a good deal of the weight I lost last year through weightlifting -- I still don't eat huge portions and I still do ride most days, even if I couldn't afford the gym anymore). Some of it is extras from wehen I was getting into racing and trying to figure out what stuff worked best. And I don't really need any of it anymore.

Look for me this spring and summer in touring shorts, tee-shirts and sweaters, cotton crocheted gloves and flat shoes. And check eBay for some very affordable cycling togs if you need any.

Before too long I will probably take a serious look at thinnig the herd. Not sure which bikes I'll sell yet but figure at least one or maybe two. I am flrting with the idea of going to a smaller herd that uses all the same tire size, for durability and practicality. (Friends in the know are going to predict that I'm leaning towards an all-26" stable and they'd be right.)
Stay tuned, as my decision-making process on this is evolving.

Happy riding! Everything is blooming here -- go out and enjoy!

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