Wednesday, July 18, 2012

evidence of my participation, and anticipating the next bike

There is photographic proof.

(photos by Shane Young, used with permission.)

My left foot did come off the pedal for a second as I carved too wide a corner, but otherwise racing on flat pedals has not been a problem at all.
I noticed the next day that I had taken a couple of tiny nicks from the pins on that pedal. Tiny core samples from aggressive flat pedals are far better than permanent knee and ankle trouble from clipless pedals. (Clipless lovers, don't pile on, okay? Most of you are roadies anyway.)

Yesterday I took Fritz's bike in to work, stopping for an early morning fitting session on the Bridgestone that will become my geared racing bike. Chris was helpful and explained the process: He'd set my bike up on a trainer so I could pedal in place. I'd get on, pedal, stop so he could take measurements with my foot and knee in different positions (I was asked to wear my racing shoes so the measurements would be accurate). Then we'd repeat the process. The whole thing, including socializing and sips of coffee, took about an hour. Chris will deliver my fitted bike to me later in the week and, for better or worse, my tired un-trained body will climb aboard it and race next Monday night.
I rode Fritz's bike to work and cleaned it up a bit, including wiping everything down and re-lubing the chain. (Halfway through Monday evening, the freewheel had stopped sticking, leading me to guess that the stuck pawls were merely gunked up with dirt and mud from an earlier race. I advised Fritz to pay attention to his worn out rims and drive-train and thanked him for the loan.) I left his bike at the shop for him to pick up and I rode home on my All-Rounder commuter bike.
I was surprisingly more tired the night after the race, and cancelled plans to go hear a friend's band so I could go home and collapse with a plate of mac-n-cheese and a bowl of steamed green beans fresh from the garden. Then I sat and read for awhile, practiced a few songs for my Sunday gig, and went to bed.

One thing I had forgotten is how well I sleep the first couple of nights after a race.

Yeah. Definitely have to find a way to work in some at-home training in the fall and winter for next year's short-track season. Racing seems to be good for me and I would like to continue to do it, even if it's only for eight weeks a year. (Plus, Sweetie likes having a bike racer in the house.)

Pictures of the new build are forthcoming. Happy riding!

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