Sunday, August 12, 2012

aaaand it's gone.

I put the LongLow frameset up for sale on ebay:

...and sold it to a fellow here in the Pacific Northwest. Shipped it out Thursday from work, and as promised, I included the notebook of correspondence that led up to the ordering and delivery of the frameset.

I did not make quite as much as I'd hoped I might, but I chalked that up to the amount of "beausage" and the fact that most Rivendell enthusiasts still prefer to start with a much more pristine frameset. I was not terribly disappointed, and the frame will get built up and ridden by someone whom, presumably, it will fit better.

I'm down to three bikes in my stable, which feels good. If I could get away with two I'd do it, but I'm anticipating taking delivery next month of my Xtracycle Sidecar attachment and hopefully that will take care of my cargo needs for good.

Stay tuned. I'll post photos when the Sidecar kit arrives.

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