Sunday, February 24, 2013

six months

Six months ago my life changed in a fairly radical way. I have struggled at times with the change in both my primary career and in my work-related identity in many ways. So much of one's identity in the world is wrapped up in what we do, sometimes to the exclusion of who we are.

The challenges continue to confound me at times.
Money remains woefully tight and now my employment is determined from year to year, rather than assured indefinitely.
My circle of friends continues to evolve as I move through this landscape. Some friends from my bicycle industry days have stopped calling or returning my emails and I chalk that up to simple proximity. Outta sight and all that.

But mostly I am profoundly blessed to have found meaningful work that allows me to be who I am and to make a difference for others.
So I can say that, six months out, I'm doing more than okay.
I am grateful beyond words for my loved ones, family and friends, who have supported me through this strange and occasionally scary time.
I hope that time and energy will point me in the directions I'm supposed to go, and that I will find good people along the way to help me to keep things real.

Life is good. I am grateful.

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