Monday, September 30, 2013

third annual coffeenuering challenge begins this weekend (Oct 4)

The Coffeeneuring Challenge returns for a third year of cycling and caffeine fun!

Rules are here:

Portland was reasonably- well-represented last year, and the organizer is looking for a bump in numbers (though, to be fair, she's from Washington DC and wants more folks from her fair city to participate).

I enjoyed taking on the challenge last year and wear my coffeeneuring badge with pride.
I'm organizing a group ride the second weekend for local bikey buddies; and with seven weekends available in which to ride to seven difference coffee shops (or farmers' markets, or campsites where you brew your own -- new for this year), I will have myself a grand time.

Already on my list of shops to visit this year:

Arbor Lodge
Random Order
Velo Cult
Portland Farmers' Market
Nossa Familia Espresso Bar
World Cup

I'm looking for a few new places to check out this year. I certainly won't limit myself to seven coffee stops; Portland is coffee heaven and has so many shops to choose from that I may just overload.
NOTE: Bonus points if they offer stickers, as I am trying to amass a collection of a sticker from each place to send to the organizer as a bribe souvenir.

My first ride will be next Friday, October 5. If you're in Portland and want in on the group ride on the 13th, message me.
Happy riding and imbibing!

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