Saturday, October 12, 2013

coffeeneuring challenge 2013, #3: aj java

This ride felt obligatory at first, owing to the fact that I was tired and a little crampy and not feeling inspired to ride. But as I got farther from the house I felt more like riding, and the weather cooperated by not raining at all even though showers had been forecast.

I made my coffee stop early on, because frankly I needed a shot of caffeine. I'd heard AJ Java (conrer of NE Albina and Rosa Parks) was now roasting on the premises, and I wanted to sample the brew.

The cafe shares a very old, somewhat decrepit building with an auto body shop. But don't let the aesthetics fool you. The coffee is good.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the house blend. Rich without being overpowering, and at 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon I enjoyed an obviously fresh cup even though they'd close in an hour. I'd recommend it and I will add it to my list of coffee shops that roast on-site with good results. Go there.

Catching up on the headlines while finishing my coffee, I was able to confirm that my beloved PSU Vikings still suck at football.
(As it was and ever shall be, world without end, amen...)

From there I took a long, leisurely loop from Northeast Portland all the way down to River City Bicycles (to order a small part I knew I could get there, and because I now felt like taking a longer ride).

A few more photos from the loop:

This bulletin board at River City Bicycles made my ride. I maintain that there is a very special place in the universe for unrepentant bicycle thieves, and I don't ever want to see it...

The rest of the set from today's ride can be found here:

(scroll down to photos labeled "# 3")

A lovely ride. Total 8.7 miles.

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