Saturday, January 18, 2014

CDs and my Big Dummy.

This is a cross-post from my music site:

I picked up 500 copies of my CD yesterday using my salvaged trailer. It worked beautifully.
For more about that, including pix, check out the other article.

In other news, I am still trying to sell my Surly Big Dummy. I have had three serious inquiries, only to learn that each of them planned to lowball me with an offer that was several HUNDRED dollars below my asking price. I don't think my asking price is extreme -- in fact, it's a freaking DEAL -- and so I will sit on it a little longer and hope someone will want to pay closer to a realistic price when the weather warms up a bit. Sorry, I cannot ship; it would cost a few hundred dollars more to do so, and then the price wouldn't be such a deal anymore. So pickup in Portland, OR only. Tell your friends. Thanks.

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