Wednesday, January 7, 2015

scenes from a bike ride: eastside portland

Rode my bike today in bright winter sunshine.

Tallbike love:

While I was riding around, I spotted this sad remnant:

This is what happens when you lock up a bicycle in Portland and leave it outside overnight. The lock may outlast the thief, but your parts will not.
Sometimes a U-lock is not enough.
Sometimes a U-lock and cable is not enough.
Sometimes you need three U-locks.

This is capitalism. There are people who have, and people who lack, and at the bottom there are people desperate enough to steal and not care about it.

I enjoyed the ride. Lately, with being underemployed, I have to just ride my bike for the sake of riding my bike. Some days it's hard to do that, because I feel bad for not having enough work. Some days, when it's a little warmer and a lot sunnier, it's easier. Like today.

I am looking forward to more warmer days.

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