Thursday, July 2, 2015

Since I stopped tracking miles, I enjoy riding more

That's pretty much it.

I felt a little fidgety the first day or so, and then I stopped caring.
Just like that, three things happened:
1. I enjoyed my rides more.
2. I think i'm riding a little slower and that is totally okay.
3. I am preparing to toss a bunch of cyclometers up on CL to sell.

The refurbished Bridgestone has been amazing to ride. I did get a seatpost with a little setback and I think that will really dial things in; but otherwise it's all there. Loving it.
Tonight I'm towing my guitar to a rehearsal with the trailer. And though it will be blazing hot, with highs today near 100F, I don't care. The key to riding slower and enjoying it is to leave the house a little earlier. So simple. So pleasant.

Wherever your rides take you this weekend, have fun getting there!

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