Sunday, November 15, 2015

coffeeneuring challenge 2015:10 -- arbor lodge coffee & cyclocross crusade finale

My last Coffeeneuring ride of the fall, a quick stop at Arbor Lodge, and then a five-mile ride down to Portland International Raceway for the final day of racing in the Cyclocross Crusade series.

I had a lovely time. When I ran out of coffee, friends offered to refill it for me at one of the dozens of pop-up tents lining the race course. They also plied me with energy bars, pizza and a Voodoo doughnut before it was all over. A great end to the 2015 fall coffeeneuring season.

Evidence photo: Arbor Lodge Coffee, corner of N. Rosa Parks and Interstate.

Below: a portable outdoor oven/grill. It came on the back of a cargo bike.  Sausages and onions being grilled on a shovel (yes, that's a can of PAM cooking spray on the tabletop; it worked like a charm on the shovel).

The chef, who tied his hair back with -- what else? -- a giant zip-tie.

(Below: for those who've only raced in USA Cycling-sanctioned events, this is called a dollar hand-up. They are totally legal here in OBRALand, where we run our own racing scene with USA Cycling's help and, frankly, have more fun racing than the rest of the country. I used to race 'cross. I still have the dollar bill I got as a hand-up in my very last race.
Total distance: around 12 miles.
Thanks for following along and happy riding!

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