Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pedal update: Zeray platform pedals

A few months back I was in Rivelo admiring the new Clems. I noticed that the bikes had been spec'd with a very nice plastic platform pedal with metal grip pins. I asked John [Bennet, the proprietor] if he knew where I might find the pedals separately for sale. He didn't, so I began searching.

I couldn't find the exact pedal, but I came pretty darned close, and what I found may be a winner.

Earth Zeray pedals (made in China -- I know, sorry) model ZP-221 platform pedals are constructed from a rubbery plastic, with stout metal grip pins that appear to be replaceable (they thread in and take very tiny wrench flats). The low-profile design means I can put these on a bike and lower the saddle -- which will be welcome on my Bridgestone, where the higher-profile pedals force to raise my saddle to a height that's uncomfortable with a foot down at the light. The sealed bearings feel great and are what I would expect to find on a pedal costing far more than this. They retail online for anywhere between $30 and 35 a pair. (I purchased mine on eBay for less.)

A few photos taken with my extremely bad camera:

They do come in black, but the eBay seller was out and asked if he could substitue grey. Since my feet will be on them, it's no big deal. If you like fixie straps, these will take them easily. One downer is that they don't come with reflectors and there's no way to attach them, so if it really hangs you up you might add some reflective tape. It's a very minor quibble for what seems to be a really good pedal for the money.

Since none of my usual local outlets carry this pedal, I felt no guilt in buying online:

The pedal comes in several colors, including black, white and grey. Weight weenies will appreciate that even with the sealed bearings and other fine points, they weight noticeably less than similar models made of alloy (I'm immediately thinking of my Redline pedals, which may end up on another bike if I like these enough. I think I will).

Happy riding!

UPDATE: I installed the pedals, lowered the saddle and took a short spin on the Bridgestone.  Fabulous! A darned-near perfect pedal. Similar in design and intent to the VP-001 pedals (reviewed in December 2015), but without the annoying "hump" in the center, this pedal is every bit as smooth as the VP, but more comfortable for my foot. Granted, the hard plasti-rubber compound will get dirty in seconds after installation (unless you choose black); but that's not a big deal for me. Excellent pedal.

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