Wednesday, July 27, 2016

portland peeps: seeking bicycle donations!

After checking in with the fine folks at Catholic Charities/Refugee Resettlement, I am ready to take in another round of old donated bicycles (adult bikes with 26" wheel or larger, please; I am not working on children's bikes) to refurbish for newly-arrived refugee families. I would like to bang out another dozen or so between now and the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days, when the project will go on hiatus for the fall and winter.

I will gladly take department-store bikes as long as they are complete: frame, wheels, brakes, gears, etc.) I can replace inner tubes, cables and housing; and also hand grips if they're really gross (or missing). If it's almost all there I can work with it; but my budget is extremely limited for this sort of thing and so I'd prefer to refurbish rather than replace outright.

I will also gladly accept donations of U-locks (with working key!), headlights, rear fenders and even baskets.

If you can donate anything like this, or whole bikes, PLEASE let me know asap. Thanks!

(Below: A refurbished bike donated earlier this spring, tuned and outfitted with fenders, a lock, and lights. It now has a home somewhere in Milwaukie, being used as daily transportation to and from a recently-landed job.)


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