Monday, February 27, 2017

Refugee Bicycles: Spring 2017 update

An update on the little project that has become near and dear to my heart.

With the help of many at my home synagogue and friends in the local bicycle scene, the bicycle below represents almost three dozen bicycles handed off to our newest Portlanders in the past year. This sustainable, affordable transportation will extend their limited government stipend and will go a long way in helping them get to English classes, doctor appointments and work.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed, with special shout-outs to Havurah Shalom, Seven Corners Cycles and Bike Farm for helping me to source bicycles, accessories and spare parts for free or cheap.

Here's the latest little beauty that will soon be handed off to folks in need of affordable transportation:

It's nothing fancy; in fact, ten or twelve years ago this bike started life at a department store somewhere. But tuned up and outfitted with a lock, lights and a rear rack, it will now give someone an affordable, healthy and fun way to get around.

And that's the point. Bicycles are a GREAT way to get around town for so many reasons. I am proud that Portland remains a good place to ride a bike.

I am still accepting donations of adult-sized bicycles, locks, lights and mini-tools, and rear baggage racks or baskets. Now that I'm home for awhile from touring, I want to bang out some tuneups and get these bikes into the hands of people who will really use them! If you're in Portland and have something to offer, email me here: periwinklekog-at-yahoo-dot-com.

Thanks again for helping out!

And happy riding!

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