Friday, March 23, 2018

scraps of the world

Yesterday I ran errands by bike. it was cold but sunny and I managed to get everything done.
Plus, I scavenged some free parts for future refugee bikes.
Double-plus, I found this vintage Deco nightstand sitting out at the curb and -- YESSSS! -- I had a way to get it home.

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Amazingly, I was able to strap this to my little porteur rack (with some John's Irish Straps -- available at Rivelo, go get some and keep them in your saddlebag because when you need them they are awesome and perfect).
Pro tip: wider upright handlebars make heavy front loads easier to handle on the bike. My current bar of choice for this is the Surly Open Bar but anything similarly shaped will work fine.

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In the end, I think I'm going to totally re-do my side of the bed to make space for this and pare down what I keep there. because I really really like it.
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Scavenging is a way to keep stuff out of the landfill and also how I keep my squirrel-brain engaged and happy. I may not be rich -- or even financially secure, frankly. But I have a scavenger's eye and that helps me keep it together. And sometimes I even find something useful along the way.

Happy riding.


LizzieL said...

What a find! Very nice style. How amazing to have got it home on your bike! I did wonder the other day if I could get a sewing machine on my bike, but I didn't think I could, not on either of my bikes anyway, so I succumbed to using the car. But at least I have stopped it being taken to the tip.

Kent Peterson said...

That is a wonderful find! Great example of how handy those straps are as well.

bikelovejones said...

In the absence of a front rack like mine, you can also use heavy-duty webbed straps and tie larger items to your rear bag and/or rack. In a pinch I've also used leather toe straps (two or three put together for length works well, and the buckle teeth bite leather better than nylon webbing). There's almost always a way to get something home by bike if you're resourceful (and willing to ride a little slower if needed).

LizzieL said...

It was the weight of the sewing machine rather than the size, but I shall remember what you've said! I do always carry either bunjee cords or strips of old inner tube or both in case I spot something I want to take home that needs extra securing.