Friday, November 2, 2018

2018 coffeeneuring challenge # 7 -- bento-neuring edition: Gino's Teriyaki

It got too late in the day to get coffee, so I went for lunch. Gino's Teriyaki has been a mainstay on Killingsworth for years. Last summer it changed owners and the menu and service have slowly crept downward. Still, I had hopes for something decent.
The chicken bowl was okay. They were out of soy sauce. (Really? What Asian restaurant runs out of soy sauce? Seriously.)

The bike rack is just ridiculous.
Nowhere else to go without sticking the back end out into a car parking spot.
And when I do that, someone complains.

Meanwhile, the place looks sad and quiet. At the height of the lunch rush there were exactly three people eating inside. The sign on the window advertising "Cashier Wanted" had been there for a few weeks. Good help is hard to find, I guess.
My lunch was merely okay. I drank a whole lot of water (beverage requirement fulfilled.)
But I needed a ride to forget it.
Fortunately, the fall colors are still pretty splendid around here so I didn't lack for pretty sights to lift my spirits.

Mood: better after a two-mile ramble around Woodlawn neighborhood.

It's not coffee, but I rode at least four miles and I drank something with my lunch. I'll call it good. Though I suspect I won't go back unless the place changes hands again.
Because right now, it's a plateful of meh.

In other news: The local black community paper, which I read over lunch, interviewed folks about why voting matters to them. Four of the five featured all gave perfectly sound reasons for voting.

The fifth said this:
Entitled brat.
Yeah, I know.
But still, if you don't vote you shouldn't be allowed to bitch.

Looking forward to riding into town tomorrow for services, and getting some good coffee on the way home. Wherever you are, be sure to vote next Tuesday -- and happy riding!

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