Wednesday, December 4, 2019

strongly thinking of hanging up this blog

I am in a place in my life where I've grown tired of describing things to people who live far away.
When I ride I mostly ride alone. Because I'm too slow for the folks I used to be able to keep up with.
I need too many bathroom breaks now to handle super-long rides without a motorized exit strategy (i.e., having someone come get me or being close to transit).
When I don't ride it's because I'm physically and/or mentally tired, depressed, creaky and cold. I ride less often in the winter than I used to.
I'm older, slower and creakier, and riding hurts sometimes now.
I still enjoy puttering on bicycles at home and will continue to do so.
I'll still ride for transportation and, on warmer days, for pleasure.
But honestly, how many times can I blog about riding to the same places over and over again before it becomes silly?
So yeah, I thinking of retiring this blog. I'll leave it here but may not add much more to it as time goes by. Because doing so feels redundant and it's time for me to stop repeating myself. I'm too young for that just yet.
Rubber side down, kids, and happy riding.


Nancy said...

I have enjoyed your blog and have not found it at all redundant. Daily little jaunts around our neighborhoods often offer some close in adventures for us, but if you fell it is time to retire your blog —- thanks for what you have already posted.. If you do not retire it, I will continue to be one of your followers.

Unknown said...

Well, I enjoy reading your blog!

Take some time off, if you need it. If you want to come back to blog, you'll know.


Unknown said...

Beth, I have enjoyed reading your material since it was in the Rivendell Reader (or on their blog?... the piece about riding to Temple). You do what is best for you, but know that I have been a faithful reader. (Plus I scored that awesome Chrome bag from you which I use on my business trips every other month!)

Thanks so much Jay

Kent Peterson said...

Speaking as someone who retired his blog, let it sit idle for a while and is now getting slowly back into it, I totally understand where you are at.

I enjoy your writing, but you should do what you feel is best. Please keep the blog around as a bit of fine history and maybe in time you will find the urge and inspiration to post again.

Keep doing the things you enjoy.