Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Proofhide works on Carradice leather bits too


The bag is dry, and I’ve applied some Brooks Proofhide to the leather trim and straps. I’ve wiped it out and I’m going to let it be, for the most part. I haven’t found my old Tim of cotton proofing wax so I’m going to hold off for now.

The wood rod that the attachment straps wrap around looks pretty old and may need replacing. I’ve got plenty of odd drum sticks for that. There is one noticeable hole on the stitch line under one of the buckles; I will probably just glue or sew it shut from the inside.

Patches? Well, sure, a few. I’m hoping to get the Peugeot built up and ride it on a Coffeeneuring ride, and then add a Coffeeneuring patch to the bag to make it official.

Assuming it’s not too cold tomorrow, I’ll try and get it put back together and rideable. It’s close! 

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