Wednesday, November 29, 2023

It’s done for now. (Bagmatching)

I found a nice little canvas bag to mount on the front rack.

I needed it to be small because of the rack’s size and configuration (resting on the canti bosses, it can’t carry a lot of weight). So I found a used Zimbale front rack bag for less than half of new, bought it and repainted it to match the rear bag.

I used watered-down acrylic paint that I mixed and shook up in a jar, and a little sponge paint applicator.

Since the rear bag is faded and looks used, if I got a little paint on the leather trim and only did one coat, it would be close enough in shade that sun and time would fade it a little more and I’d be fine. I managed to use some warm water to wipe off most the fresh paint that got on the leather trim, adding a more used look to it. I’m pleased with how it turned out.

The bag is not a perfect fit. The rack is slightly wider and I had to use the carry strap as the rear loop around the back. It’s secure and I don’t think I’ll worry about tightening up or sewing on a bucket or anything. Plus, I can’t see anyone really wanting to steal so small a bag unless they try to remove the rack as well, and that would take tools and time.

I really like having a small bag up front. It completes the look of the bike in a very nice way, and it’s just big enough to hold a sack lunch, a small bottle of juice and maybe a scarf. 

The bigger stuff can go in or on the rear bag.

It has gotten very cold here n Portland, with overnight lows just below freezing. I’m not super-inclined to go for a ride today, but rain and 2mer temps are coming and I might try to enjoy a short ride this weekend.

There’s still a few more things to do on this bike, like swapping in smaller chainrings and getting my rear saddlebag rack back from the powder coasters, but those are minor and don’t do a lot to add to the overall look of the bike. So for all intents and purposes it’s basically done.

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