Sunday, January 28, 2024

Testing, one, two: Stanley pour-over coffee maker.

Today’s adventure: testing my #coffeeoutside gear for future outings. 

Happily, the military issue can of sterno that came with the stove was mostly full, and fully functional. 

Water was suitably quite hot in about eight minutes and the Stanley pour over coffee kit worked fine. 

When I take this out for real, I’ll use a different pot and lid to heat the water in. I’ve got a crash-and-dent Stanley coffee pot that should work fine on the road. I will need to find a better, smaller solution to put out the flame, maybe a tin jar lid with a small handle attached or something. The handles on the side of the stove are helpful for opening and closing, though to open it while the flame is going I’ll probably use some small needle nose pliers or similar to pull back the latch.

As for the coffee maker, the pour-over setup works efficiently, and the metal filter means an end to having to use paper filters. I bought mine at a discount as “new, open box,” which means it did not include instructions. So it took a minute to figure out that the filter was there to keep the grounds OUT of the coffee, NOT to hold them. The steel construction seems durable and it’s easy to clean afterwards. If I’m being really fussy, I wish the handle was shaped with more comfort in mind, but that’s a minor quibble, and if I want I can always add a little padding myself. (If you have a favorite mug that will work, you can buy the pour-over part separately.)

I’ll want to adjust how much ground coffee I need for a perfect cup but this is an excellent start.

Someone gave me a cheap, simple stainless steel hand-crank grinder, but I think to start I’ll just bring some pre-ground coffee in a little jar from home for awhile, and see if I want to complicate things further later on.

I feel confident about my next coffee outing. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.



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