Saturday, February 10, 2024

The end of the Bicycle Brain Trust.

When we bought our little house in 2003, it did not come with a basement or garage.
Fortunately, we'd been gifted a stack of Home Depot gift cards as wedding presents.
They totaled enough for a healthy down payment on a Tuff Shed, and allowed me to set up a home repair shop.
I've enjoyed using this space for twenty years and being a local Bike Lady to all who asked for help.

With all the hand troubles happening and my disability claim in progress, I've decided it's time to close the Bicycle Brain Trust and let go of that part of my identity. I'll be a fully-retired bicycle mechanic, no longer taking in bikes to repair and/or donate elsewhere. There are more than enough other folks doing this work in Portland now and I am content.

In a couple of days, a bike industry friend is coming over to buy the big tools, and most of my stash of parts. I am winnowing down my holdings to two bikes and enough small tools and parts for me to minimally maintain my own bikes.

I have been blessed to be the Bicycle Lady for over thirty years, and I am blessed to be able to set that aside on my terms and just enjoy riding my bike when I feel like it. I have no regrets.

It has been a truly wonderful ride.

Don't worry! I'll still ride my bike, and share my jaded opinions about the bicycle industry and offer ride reports right here at my blog. Thanks for reading!

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Tim said...

It's wise to know when it's time for a change. You have been such a positive force in the bike world in Portland and beyond. You have touched many, many lives, in positive ways, including mine. Thank you!