Friday, March 22, 2024

Let’s do something stupid: Ladd’s 500


Ladd’s 500 returns for another day of bicycle mayhem.

Saturday, April 13 at Ladd’s Circle.

“Let’s do something stupid!”

Here’s the deal. Every year this event has grown in popularity, and every year the cost of putting it on has risen. David Robinson has been throwing this party out of his own pocket since 2016, but with permit costs rising upwards of $1200 (!!) it’s not feasible to keep expecting one guy to do all the heavy lifting.

So I’m going to suggest that, if you plan to show up to ride or watch, bring a few dollar bills with you, ask around for David (he’ll be in the middle of the circle with several hundred other people), and press the cash into his hand as a thank-you for all his hard work, and to help defray his out-of-pocket costs. 

See you on the 13th.

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