Friday, April 22, 2011

i've been doing this a long time

at citybikes, circa 1995

(Circa 1995, at Citybikes Workers' Cooperative.)

I found the photo this morning while reorganizing my desk and recycling papers I no longer needed anymore. Was I that skinny once? Yes. We all were in those days. I seem to remember that there was a weight limit on that little portable truing station and none of us came close to approaching it. Sweetie had never seen this photo before -- she gasped and smiled in wonder at how young I looked.

I've been doing this bicycle thing a long time.


Tarik Saleh said...

Great photo!
I like that it is a 20" wheel. Keep those damn bmx kids off my lawn. Congrats on the many years of wrenching.

Richard said...

Tell me those are not acid washed jeans.

bikelovejones said...

@ Richard: Yup.
Redeeming factor: They're 501's.

@ Tarik: Thanks! It is hard sometimes to believe that I've been doing the same thing -- and in the same place -- for so long.

Kelly Carlisle said...

It's the "true you!" :)

Judi said...

that is a GREAT pic. 1995 was a rotten year for me. SF, homeless, strung out, i thought i would be dead by 2000. you look like you were at peace doing what you do best. love the pic. oh, you'll be happy to know i am DEF starting a volunteer job at my co-op this coming week. :)

bikelovejones said...

Judi -- glad to hear about the volunteer gig! Please inform with details later.

I was mostly at peace in 1995, though I was really tired of being single by then (I'd been left by my last girlfriend in 1991, for a woman across the street -- long story, best left untold, ugly).

Plus, my parents could not understand why I'd chucked four years of music school and a promising career as a performer and teacher to become a "lowly" tradeswoman. I now joke that becoming a bike mechanic was my only open act of rebellion against my musician parents. My father lived long enough to see me become an established part of the co-op and I know that in the end he was proud of me, even if he didn't understand my choice.

This fall I plan to return to wrenching and customer service, and will be training my successor in the Buyer's chair over the course of the summer. I'm nervous -- will I have the stamina needed to handle a ten-hour day on my feet again? Will I be able to get up to speed on the technologies I've missed out on over the last four years? -- but I'm still looking forward to it.

tangobiker said...

Ah! Music and mechanics. Your posture looks very similar to that of a harpist's!