Monday, April 25, 2011

the weather can be such a tease

Saturday: high of 70 degrees, sunny; Sweetie and I enjoyed our first outdoor Shabbes Nap of 2011 on the lawn, working on the "base coat" (with sunscreen, of course).
Sunday: high of 50-something, showers.
Today: a total piss-fest of rain, highs in the mid-50's; and just for fun, a high-wind warning in place for much of the day. The radar graphic on my computer screen is filled with a large green blob indicating buckets of rain.
I really want to do some recon out at PIR with Stompy (short-track begins in 8 weeks and my off-road practice time has been limited so far); and friends are racing tonight on the oval there. But if the moto section is going to become a cyclocross-esque bog, there's no point in taking Stompy out with fat dirt tires.
I am SO over the rain. Enough, already!

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