Wednesday, February 12, 2014

mini-rant: the commodification of creativity

Northwestern University has annouced the establishment of a new degree, a Masters in Leadership for Creative Enterprises. Tuition for the one-yer program is $58,000.

Stuff like this gets my hackles up. It screams out the trend in the commodification of creativity, and all my Inner Anarcho-Punk Autodidact wants to do at news of such developments is riot in the streets or stage a free jam session somewhere  and tie up traffic with live music.

Ugh. The monetizing of the arts is just killing me.

No Masters takes on a whole new meaning for me tonight. 
I have no Masters degree and in spite of how that kills my so-called "earning potential", I feel fine.


lynnef said...

take a breath. It isn't about being creative. It is about managing creative enterprises. So very many really great and creative things go down in flames because there isn't someone with business knowledge to know when it is time to pull out the business mojo.

rickrise said...

I hear ya! it's back to the days of the Academy, when art was official, prescribed, and banal. However, the reaction to that brought about the Ashcan School in painting, Surrealism in painting and music, Stieglitz's Photo-Secession, et al.

Bu it is a dreary thought. Double-degreed docents with floppy bow ties will rule us all!

bikelovejones said...

So I guess what worries me is that "professionalization" goes hand in hand with commodification and before long we have created another sphere where only people with the "appropriate credentials" are admitted and/or taken seriously. This trend has hit every sector of American working life and is bleeding over into entertainment and arts as well. I worry about what it will do when only those creators deemed somehow "worthy" of support will get it.

There are a LOT of independent creators -- of art, music and culture-in-general -- who are not getting the support they need and a big reason why is the over-professionalization of so many pieces of the world around us. It's something my gut tells me to rail against. And so I do.