Monday, February 10, 2014


The transition days from snow to freezing rain and then to slush are always the worst for bicycling.
I stayed off the bike yesterday, though I did put on some ice cleats (slip-on mini-chains that fit over shoes or boots) so I could take the bus to Velo Cult and get out of the house a little while.

Today I have two students I'm meeting in inner-Northeast Portland. And while muc of the ice has turned to slush and is rapidly melting in today's 40-degree temps, I will probably toss my mountain bike on the bus and will only ride between the two appointments before riding to the nearest bus stop to get home.

It has been hard, very hard, this winter. Hard on my psyche and hard on my body. There have been so many days of icy cold fog and below-freezing temps that have made it hard to get excited about riding my bicycle even for short distances. Emotional wackniess connected at least in part to peri-menopause has come on stronger than ever this winter, making me wonder at times who the hell I am these days. More bicycle riding, more physical activity, would have helped; but the winter has ben too damned cold this year and my body too damned tired to deal. My increased inability to handle the cold this year has meant far less time on the bike and that has had a really adverse effect on me. It has been a very difficult winter, and I am ready for spring.

Some shots from my walkabout yesterday. Hopefully all of this will be gone by the end of the week.

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