Monday, February 2, 2015

pre-birthday ride: Eastbank-Waterfront loop

Yesterday I awoke to a cold, rainy morning -- and felt my mood sink. I struggled to keep from bottoming out until Sweetie came home. She immediately ordered me to get dressed and go for a ride.
I didn't want to -- it was cold and I was underslept (Depression messes with your sleep cycle and to be honest I haven't had a truly good night's sleep in months). But I went.
And as soon as I started pedaling hard, I began to feel a little better. So I made a loop:

Interstate to the Rose Quarter, and from there down to the East Bank Esplanade.

Then along the Esplanade all the way to the Hawthorne Bridge. 

Along the way I saw waterfowl and a couple of human examples of the live-where-you-can action that is so prevalent in Portland.


At the end of the Esplanade near the fire station, I watched a couple of folks practice their juggling skills. Maybe buskers waiting for the opening of Saturday Market next month?

After crossing the bridge -- no thumbtacks, thankfully! -- I wound my way along the west bank of the Willamette, over the Steel Bridge and up to Williams Avenue for the ride home.

By the time I got home my mood was much better. Yup. Bicycling may not cure what ails me but it definitely helps make it hurt less.

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