Friday, February 20, 2015

spread the love!

(This is a cross-post from my music blog)

Dear friends of my music:

I love that you love my music. I love that you write to me to tell me so. And I love meeting you when I travel. And I would LOVE to meet more of you in person!
So I hope you can help me out a bit.

I want to book dates for Fall 2015 and beyond. Because synagogue clergy and boards tend to plan well in advance, I want to get on their radar as soon as possible. Living in Portland, I am somewhat removed from major centers of North American Jewish life. But a lot of my fans live in those centers, or near them.

So here's what you can do:
Become part of my team.
Tell the people in your community about me. Play my music for them, Invite them to check out my web site and my YouTube channel. And if you have any connection at all to a rabbi, cantor or education director, I am asking you to Spread The Love -- the love of music, the love of Judaism and the Jewish people -- among them in particular.

I especially want to bring my music to Jewish communities in the Eastern half of the United States. So if you live in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey -- or in the Southeast (Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans?), PLEASE spread the word.

BONUS: Anyone who can provide me with solid lead that results in my booking a visit will get:
--an exclusive bonus download from The Next Album (as yet untitled), for which I've been writing new songs;
--if you live in the city I will visit, we can have dinner together and hang out; and
--if you're a member or staffer at the synagogue where I book my appearance, I will meet with you to talk about any topic in the prayerbook you want and then get to work writing a musical setting of the text we talk about.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this next part of the journey! I hope to visit your town soon!

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