Monday, December 26, 2016

spring 2017 tune-up schedule

For my Portland-based bike pals and their friends:

In late February I will begin taking tune-up appointments.  
 Here's what you need to know:

-- One-day turnaround; You bring the bike in the morning on Day one, stick around while we go over what is needed,  and pick it up in the evening on Day two.
-- No full overhauls, tune-ups only, please.  I can true wheels, clean the bike and drive train, replace broken/worn components and adjust brakes and gears. Straightening bent frames and opening up and overhauling all bearing surfaces (including internally-geared rear hubs) is beyond the purview of my tiny workshop and very limited spare parts supply.
-- Appointments IN ADVANCE are the only way I can work on your bike. I have a day job.

I have two decades of professional bike shop experience as a mechanic and purchaser.
I'm a USAC-certified Category Four race mechanic and have several seasons doing neutral wheel and pit support at races and charity rides in the PNW.
I retired from the bicycle industry in 2012.
Because this is more of a hobby for me now, I take in far fewer bikes than a shop would, and I charge considerably less than a full-service shop does.
I am taking appointments for spring tune-ups from late February through mid-May 2017.
Then I will close it down for the summer to work on other projects.
I may re-open for a few weeks in early August if there is interest in help with getting ready for Cyclocross season. (Tune-ups, component upgrades, single-speed conversions.)

If you're interested, email me at:


Meanwhile,  Thanks to all my readers for your support and interest in what I write about here.
All the best for many happy miles in 2017!

(below: working at Community Cycling Center, 2002. Photo by Tim Fricker.)

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