Monday, January 14, 2019

sometimes all you need is a different riding position

The other day, I decided it was time to change the handlebar on my Bridgestone. I liked the look of the Surly Open Bar but it was simply not comfortable for me; it was too wide and lacked rise.
I had gone to Bike Farm onFriday, and picked up a Wald cruiser bar out of the free box. I knew it would put my wrists in a better position, and it had tons of rise (too much?).

So I swapped it in.

The result? It's a little dorky-looking, but it was so comfortable when I rode it a couple days ago that KNEW it was a better bar for me. If anything I might lower it just a little bit, but otherwise I think this is THE bar.

Meanwhile, I'll have a Surly Open Bar for sale if anyone wants it.

Image may contain: bicycle

Image may contain: bicycle


anniebikes said...

Beth, it looks fine to me. I say whatever you feel comfortable with is the perfect bar for you. I couldn't stand the Bosco bar on my Clementine and figured it would be the first thing I'd eventually change, but as it turns out it's very comfortable and has alternative hand positions. I still think it looks dorky and really love the looks of the Albatross bar, however I plan to stick with what I have.

Brian W. Ogilvie said...

That looks a lot like the position on my commuting bike. It's not a lot of fun for rides over 5 miles, but for short trips it's the bee's knees.

(Followup: how ignominious that the reCAPTCHA spam filter asked me to identify all the pictures with cars in them!)

Jay said...

I have found amazement in that changes in one part can make a bicycle much more comfortable. Be it new handlebars (they look great by the way), new pedals, saddle fore and aft adjustment and saddle tilt. Enjoy your new ride!

P.S. Chrome bag is still going strong. I bring it on international travels as a suitcase and love it!

TrevorW�� said...

Comfort over looks every time....!!