Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Fireworks need to go out of style.

We've been hearing the sound of fireworks for a few nights now. It's always like this in the week leading up to July 4th. And between the additional disruptions caused by police misuse of CS Gas and LRAD (noise bombs) on protestors, the last thing we really need is for full-blown fireworks on every block.
Although most Indian reservations were ordered to stop selling fireworks in Oregon and Washington a few years ago, there are still plenty of unused illegal fireworks in the Portland metro area, and our 15-year-old cat is already showing signs of distress.
Three years ago, the entire western half of the Columbia Gorge was set ablaze by kids playing with fireworks in a fire danger zone.
Add to this stories of dogs literally collapsing from cardiac arrest because of M-80's being shot off, Veterans who suffer PTSD from being triggered by the noise and flash.
I have to admit that, even for extroverts like me, the time has come to put fireworks to rest and find other ways to celebrate. Make music, do skits, have a poetry slam or a cook-off. Turn the stereo speakers to the windows and have a dance party.
Get creative.
We need to stop using fireworks.


Jay said...

Hi Beth,

We have been using Hemp based treats for one of our adoptions. He is nervous around strangers and at loud noises. (Half Border Collie and Half Great Pyrenees, he is a super smart big boy...much better calm.) They work very well and don't "dope" him out. Perhaps such treats are available for cats? Jay, Demarest, NJ

bikelovejones said...

Jay -- thanks for the tip. I'll ask my vet. Our 15-y/o cat already takes a bunch of stuff for thyroid and arthritis issues. Cheers!