Friday, April 16, 2010

not sure about this but here i go

After no small amount of wrestling with the previous home of my blog, including the latest episode where I was asked how much I was willing to PAY for answers to technical questions for a FREE blog, I have decided to change homes.

At first blush, this DOES look harder and more complicated. I don't DO complicated well, so I'm making the switch and also asking those closest to me to do a lot of hand-holding while I learn my way around this thing. I am also NOT good at finding my way around Web sites on my own. (I find "help" pages to be mostly unhelpful and slightly over my head.)

Looking at the various doo-dads (like how to move posts from my old blog to this one) I cannot find my way around even the "Help" section. (What's an "xml"? I don't think my computer has this.) So I will likely forget about transferring over old files from the-blog-that-must-not-be-named. Just finding the help pages I need looks like too much hassle for me.

In the meantime I cannot promise frequent blogging here. It will take me awhile to learn how to use the new site more comfortably and, well, life is short. I still have to figure out how to save this address, and tell my friends I've moved, and all of that. And while most of you may find this no big deal, for me it's all complicated. it took me many weeks to learn how to use the previous blog and I expect an equally painful and prolonged process here. That's not necessarily a reflection of Blogger, but more a reflection of what a struggle electronic technology is for me.

I like my technology to be more obvious, something I can hold in my hand and adjust with an appropriate tool. Computers simply don't work that way and every new thing I must learn on them comes with no small amount of fear and trauma and until I dial it in. I just don't think like most computer users.

In the end I may end up not blogging much anymore. Just trying to navigate my way around the new blog is already intimidating as hell, and makes me wish I could just bury my head in the sand and forget the whole thing.

So don't hold your breath looking for anything new and cool here for a little while.

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