Monday, October 4, 2010

alpenrose results

Some stats:
Alpenrose Cross Crusade broke all previous one-day participation records, with -- sit down -- 1,762 racers in all categories.

There were 31 racers in Masters Women 45+.
The youngest was 45. The oldest was 57.
Out of 31 racers, I finished (drum roll) 27th.
I did not finish last, which is really something for me and my little singlespeed bike.

As suspected, I got credit for three laps (even though it really did feel like 4).
When I grow up, I want to be at least as strong as the 57-year-old.
Who knows? Maybe it's possible. The growing number of middle-aged women taking up cycling indicate that perhaps we don't really hit our stride until after age 40.

In any case, I am happy with how it all went.
I only wish they could leave the course up another few days for us to all go out and just play on.


Richard said...

57...?!? only in Oregon!

Bicycle Kitty said...

WOW! You're awesome - keep at it!

bikelovejones said...

Yeah. 57. And she broke top ten.

bikelovejones said...

BKitty -- Thanks! We missed you out there.
Hope you'll consider coming to PIR in a couple of weeks... pleeeease?

EvoDavo said...

Once I won races. Then the young men beat me. Then the old men and the young women beat me. Finally an old woman beat me. I'm still beating the clinically obese. When they beat me, I'll just keep racing. Enjoy your racing. Embrace the effort. Pain gives contrast to pleasure. Congrats for pinning on a number and drinking deep from the frothy mug of Cyclocross !

Nitsirk said...

Well done, Beth - congrats on an excellent race and a strong placing.

Amazing to see so many folks out there - almost 300 women (n=299, by my tally) started races on Sunday.

See you @ PIR - and you, too, BKitty, I hope?

bikelovejones said...

Thanks ! You weren't so bad yourself:

8th place out of a cast of thousands is quite a first outing, no? See you at PIR for sure. Or sooner if you wanna grab coffee --bh

Bicycle Kitty said...

Fighting something nasty made me miss Alpenrose. Bummer.

I totally plan to come to PIR! Until I find a CX bike, I'll just spectate.

Judi said...

woooooowooooooooo! :)