Tuesday, October 5, 2010

evidence photos

Evidence of my participation:

1. On the course. A certain part of these courses are supposed to be paved. As a mountain bike rider, I have no idea why.

2. The wackiest run-up in cyclocross:

(I am at lower left.)

3. Why walk down when you can ride down? More fun that way:

Seriously, I was surprised at how many racers elected to walk their bikes down this short, moderately steep drop. Maybe riding drop handlebars makes descents scarier, in which case I'd understand.

Anyway -- I had a VERY fun day and am wishing I didn't have to wait so long until my next race. But since I'm only doing the races I can get to by sustainable transport (bike, transit, carpool or a combination of the above), I'm staying home from Rainier and Sherwood, and saving my energy for PIR. I'll try to carve time for some cross practices in the interim.

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