Sunday, December 19, 2010

the gym thing. it's sort of weird.

In an effort to get stronger next season I've begun working out. At a gym. Really.

I've been in for a yoga class, a spin class and now my first time doing resistance work.
And it's weird. It's weird mostly because I worked up more of a sweat in all the bike riding I did on errands and stuff today (11 miles worth) than I did in 45 minutes pushing and pulling things at the gym. Only when I got home did I learn from Sweetie (who's an old hand at resistance training) that this is how it works. Apparently, one does not build up as much of a sweat pushing and pulling. What one does is build up strength.

I also learned that, because I ride to and from the gym, I probably don't really need to do much "cardio" before I push and pull things.

But it's weird, this whole gym thing. I've never really worked out before and this will take some getting used to.

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