Monday, December 6, 2010

usgp: evidence photos

Evidence of my participation:

1. At the end of the starting straight (paved section), moments from entering the back forty, pretty sure this is on the first lap when I drilled it and cooked myself. Stupid, stupid. (Note my rear tire, exhibiting tubular envy and being dangerously underinflated for a clincher. I am surprised that I did not bottom out and flat during my race.)

2. In the switchbacks, trying not to die on the short, steep inclines in the trees. Second lap. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the course at this point and I'm ready for my race to be over.
(Lesson: don't kill yourself in the first 50 seconds of a race. Ugh.)

Yes, I have a belly, a rather noticeable one for a bicycle racer.
In a field of sleek, slender bodies I stick out.
Still, I pinned a number on and propelled my belly around a muddy race course.
In forty-degree temps.
On a singlespeed bike.
A hundred women my age stood on the sidelines yesterday and did not do that.
So today I am enjoying the afterglow of my race and feeling like a bit of a rock star.
I am SO glad I raced at USGP this year. It was a satisfying way to end the season.

(Photos taken by Janet Hill and used with Permission.)


Richard said...


jjfantastic said...

i think you deserve total rockstar status if for no other reason than this: "A hundred women my age stood on the sidelines yesterday and did not do that."

damn straight! hope you're enjoying your day off :)

EvoDavo said...

You rocked the course. Sticky mud, greasy corners, steep off cambers and you didn't flinch (at least visibly). Sleeping in would have been easy. Well done !!

bikelovejones said...

Richard, JJ & Dave -- thank you!

So great to see JJ & Dave out on the course this weekend (JJ -- I saw your city bike on Sunday but couldn't find you before I left).

Today I am SOOOO tired and slow. I had contemplated doing some puttering on another bike in the stable, but right now I think I'm about ready for a nap. (Glad I scheduled this day off back when I signed up for the race, I figured I might need it...)

Dave -- As you can see I sprung for a couple of J's photos -- she does NICE work and I sent the link to friends.

JJ -- I'm going to contact you and a few other bikey friends about scheduling some playdates in the dirt in the early spring, out by Gatewaygreen. Please say yes. --b

jjfantastic said...

yes :) i've been wondering about biking out there! i wasn't sure if it was "allowed"...i'm also always up for coffee/pastry road rides :)

Rich said...

Well done as you said no matter how you feel or what you look like - you WERE doing it.
Rock on...