Friday, March 4, 2011

presenting the circulus


The Circulus in action. 3/14/2011

Yes, I know. It's been all over the internet. But it's in my town, and I HAD to go and see it. Dan and Kevin of Portland Design Works were kind enough to show me the thing and Kevin was more than happy to give a short demo.
I am equal parts impressed and incredulous. Sadly, I do not carry enough life insurance to ride around it myself. (I will admit, though, that the tiny "ramp room" -- a leftover feature from the indoor skateboard park that used to occupy this building -- was dangerously tempting. Good thing there wasn't a spare skateboard lying about.)
This could create a new benchmark for what constitutes "sick and wrong". (I do hope they pad those poles soon, and get an insurance rider while they're at it.)

All in all, it's pretty damned cool, and if I were twenty years younger I'd give it a go.


Richard said...

Check this out.

bikelovejones said...

When I visited PDW, we actually talked about the Red Bull mini-drome. We all agreed that the sharper corners at the ends may have made it harder for riders to maneuver 700c-wheeled bikes around such tight turns (and helped force bikes out of the 'drome). The Circulus, being completely round, allows larger-wheeled bikes more room to maneuver.
(We imagined the Red Bull mini-drome holding some races for BMX bikes and giggled at the possibilities!)

I anticipate that the Circulus may hold its own competitions at some point in the future.