Wednesday, March 9, 2011

having faith in change

I've been in a funk on and off for some time, marked mostly by the length and dampness of this particular Oregon winter. It has affected everything, especially my patience, my perspective and my sense of faith.

Last night I came home from an exhausting and extra-challenging day at work, and somewhere in between a cup of tea, the end of a book, and a long, thoughtful discussion about food with Sweetie, I found time to have myself a good cry. That, and Sweetie's many hugs and words of calm encouragement, helped immensely.

This morning, although I was dead tired and arrived rather late for a morning meeting at the shop, I recognized that the weather had warmed up noticeably. I wore knickers and a sweater and rode to work in a light rain that felt warmer. At lunch, I rode over to my favorite teriyaki joint and felt that the raindrops had gotten even warmer. I saw crocuses and daffodils blooming in sidewalk strips, saw tall native grasses wave in the newly-built bioswales along Couch Street, and watched squirrels creep along telephone wires over my head. And the warm rain gently splashed across my face and made me smile a little.

Nothing miraculous or earth-shaking here; I'm still very tired and will probably sleep early and well tonight. But the fact once again hit me over the head that Things Change All The Time. When I feel stuck, I forget that. Riding my bike today helped me to remember it again, and renewed my faith in the return of Spring.

May you find your own path to Spring very soon, wherever you are.


Richard said...

I LOVE Oregon, but I'm not sure I could do those hard, wet, winters up there.

Bicycle Kitty said...

I feel like a big fat smelly bear, slowly emerging from my winter cave. So your post really meshed with my reality!
Also our coffee meeting will provide you with some comical irony as a change in my path is similar to a change in yours (I think).

bikelovejones said...

Richard -- Just checked out your blog.
You're in Colorado with a foot of snow on the ground and you think OUR winters are hard?
When do you ride your bike if it snows like that?

Richard said...

I'm in Mississippi where it's a nice 70 degrees and sunny.

bikelovejones said...

Aaah. Sunny. Got it.
Enjoy the sunshine.

Joe B said...

The seven years I spent in Seattle would cause the same feelings in me. In late March/early April, I'd escape to somewhere sunny like California for a few days. It was just enough to get me through till spring.

lynnef said...

would taking Vitamin D be in your worldview? Does wonders for the winter sun-deprivation, at least at our house.

bikelovejones said...

I already take a multi-vitamin. My body does a poor job of absorbing vitamins from food and the pill's frankly not a ton better.

Today it was sunny enough for me to soak up the sun, riding errands around town. Definitely helpful.

alex wetmore said...

I'm in Portland this week and know exactly what you mean. I was really tired this morning and almost jumped in the car for my class, but when I saw the 55 and sunny weather forecast I knew that I couldn't. The day and ride home were beautiful, and I just got home from a 2 hour walk with a friend and his daughter.

Normally we get a couple of days in Feb like this, but Seattle missed them this year. I'm glad that spring is on it's way.

lynnef said...

the Vit D in multivitamins is not enough. I take 1000mg of Vit D-3 in addition to my multivitamin.