Monday, March 21, 2011

the gym thing, part four: you won't believe this

So Sweetie and I are continuing The Gym Thing. 2 to 3 weight sessions a week and one yoga session right now. Sweetie and I have different plans so we don't do the same things or do things together much; but it's still much nicer going together than each of us going alone.

You won't believe this -- I don't believe it, either -- but I am getting stronger.
My abs don't feels quite so quivery when I do abs exercises; and last week I held a yoga plank for nearly 25 counts.

Also, I've noticed a little -- gasp! -- definition creeping into random places on my body. Sweetie tells me the little quasi-heart is beginning to appear on my calves and my biceps are getting defined and a touch more wiry.

I can't speak much for endurance -- my lungs are still troubled by allergy-based asthma and I find I'm needing my inhaler more often as things begin to bloom around town. But I've added a weekly hill interval into my commuting and will up it to two in April. At some point I will need to figure out if I need to replace one of my weight sessions with a longer weekly interval ride -- not having a coach I'm on my own for this stuff.

Anyway, I've been working out regularly since early December and I am amazed at the subtle changes I am seeing in myself. It's wacky. I really, really hope it translates in overall better results and a feeling of better fitness come June.


tangobiker said...

Congratulations, Beth, on finding a routine that's working for you! (I know it's easier said than done!)

lynnef said...

you go! soon you find yourself needing smaller clothes, even if your weight doesn't change!

EvoDavo said...

Way to go Beth !! The next revelation is when you realize you are lifting something heavy the wrong way, and it doesn't hurt... Keep up the good work.