Monday, March 21, 2011

the gym thing, part four: you won't believe this

So Sweetie and I are continuing The Gym Thing. 2 to 3 weight sessions a week and one yoga session right now. Sweetie and I have different plans so we don't do the same things or do things together much; but it's still much nicer going together than each of us going alone.

You won't believe this -- I don't believe it, either -- but I am getting stronger.
My abs don't feels quite so quivery when I do abs exercises; and last week I held a yoga plank for nearly 25 counts.

Also, I've noticed a little -- gasp! -- definition creeping into random places on my body. Sweetie tells me the little quasi-heart is beginning to appear on my calves and my biceps are getting defined and a touch more wiry.

I can't speak much for endurance -- my lungs are still troubled by allergy-based asthma and I find I'm needing my inhaler more often as things begin to bloom around town. But I've added a weekly hill interval into my commuting and will up it to two in April. At some point I will need to figure out if I need to replace one of my weight sessions with a longer weekly interval ride -- not having a coach I'm on my own for this stuff.

Anyway, I've been working out regularly since early December and I am amazed at the subtle changes I am seeing in myself. It's wacky. I really, really hope it translates in overall better results and a feeling of better fitness come June.

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