Saturday, October 8, 2016

2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 2: Case Study Coffee

On my way to the Handmade Bike Show today, I stopped at Case Study Coffee, which is -- sit down now -- right next door to the Tin Shed, which I visited yesterday. As in next door.
Since they roast their own beans, I figured it would be a step up from the coffee I'd had yesterday.
I enjoyed a briefly sunny break in the showers on a balmy Saturday afternoon. I sat at one of the outdoor tables and enjoyed the view of trees lining NE Alberta St, many whose leaves had turned red.

The pour-over coffee was worth waiting for. It was tasty enough that I didn't need to add sugar, only a little milk. The flavor was complex but not overwhelming; I could taste hints of chocolate and maybe cinnamon.
 The space is pretty roomy for a shop that focuses on craft coffee and light fare, with seating on two levels and plenty of natural light when the front garage door is open.

I had to get to the bike show, though, so I took the rest of my drink with me and rode over to the North Warehouse to enjoy the show.
I got some very nice photos of bikes at the show, which can be seem HERE; and enjoyed catching up with friends who design and build bicycle frames.
I felt strong enough today to ride the whole loop, from my house to the venue and then back up the hill to Overlook and all the way home. Thanks to months of fatigue and other pesky Crohn's symptoms I hadn't taken that hill in quite awhile, so it felt really good to have enough energy to ride it today.
Next week: something a little more, um, fancy. But good. I promise.

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