Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 3: Pip's

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day. I needed to get some work done, but there was too much at home distracting me. So I figured I'd go for a bike ride to a coffee shop and study Torah instead.
I went to Pip's on NE 47th and Fremont.

The coffee is from Extracto (a place I'd visited in previous Coffeeneuring adventures).
The donuts are entirely Pip's own creation, and they are crazy good.

The menu gives you a number of optional toppings for their scratch-made-in-house mini donuts.
Do yourself a favor and save time: skip all the way down to the bottom and get the Dirty Wu: a plate of little donuts topped with cinnamon sugar, honey and nutella.
Eat them slowly, with a cup of fresh house coffee.
Then die and go directly to heaven (do not pass GO, etc). Because these will send you.

I ended up reading, taking notes for my study group later in the week, and thinking that if I could get in only one more coffeeneuring ride before Yom Kippur (which starts tonight), I couldn't do any better than this.

If you ask politely they might let you try out their guitar. (I did, and they did. A sweet vintage Epiphone from the lawsuit era, nice tone, low action, delightful, not for sale.)

Extracto Coffee, which supplies a number of small shops, is worth a visit as well. They have several locations around Portland. The roasting room on NE Prescott is a nice place to relax with some fancy pour-over if you have time.)

I'll try and get in another coffee ride after Yom Kippur, in between putting up my sukkah and running errrands all over town. Stay tuned, as one of my coffee rides will, weather permitting, feature a ride followed by coffee made in the sukkah. (Because I still need to get in my two miles, right?)
If you observe Yom Kippur -- G'mar Tov and have a thoughtful fast.
If not, please don't gloat when you think of us wobbling from low blood sugar tomorrow afternoon. Thanks.

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