Friday, October 20, 2017

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 #3: Kenton Cycle Repair

So right now, I am super-broke, which means I am taking coffee I made at home, sticking it in a thermal cup, and riding somewhere else to drink it.
To try for a stop on my theme-with-a-theme, I chose to ride into Kenton and say hi to my friends at Kenton Cycle Repair.

It was a lovely, damp afternoon and frankly, I've been fighting the deepening mood swings that come with Seasonal Affective Disorder (yes, it's a thing, and it's real, and I can tell in minutes when it comes on). Depression can be helped by physical activity. But sometimes it's hard to get started, or even get out of the house.
So I gritted my teeth and headed out. About a mile and a half in, I didn't mind the drizzle or the breeze anymore. I stopped along the way to take a photo or two and the sun peeked out for a little bit. By the time I made it to Kenton neighborhood, some 3 miles away, I felt noticeably better.

The newly-adjusted BStone, with improved handlebar and position.
LOVE the Surly Open Bar I scored for a song. (Yeah, I'm good at that. No, it's not for sale. The old handlebar is for sale if anyone wants it. CrMO. $40 shipped or $25 local pickup.)
Evidence of coffee in bike shop.
Nossa Familia French roast, in Klean Kanteen mug.
This is the good stuff, trust me.
Better photo of the gang, from left:  Josie, Ashley, Rich and David.
If you live in North Portland -- or even if you don't, it's worth the ride -- stop in for some bike love. Nice people who know what they're doing and love ALL kinds of bicycles and bike riders.

Super-cool skull jar.
You know you love it.
Admit it.
Come on.

Everything was great -- even the pouring rain I left just in time to get soaked by, until I made my way to the Kenton MAX station. (The Paul Bunyan statue has been restored, repaired and repainted, and looks very nice.)
While I waited for the next light rail train under a glass canopy, I suddenly felt an intense, burning pain on the inside of my thigh just above my knee. I pulled up my pant leg, but saw nothing. I stood there a little longer and the pain continued to really, really hurt. I pulled up my pant leg again and as I did, a bee (or yellow jacket? Not sure -- it wasn't at all fuzzy and the black and yellow were very bright and vivid) fell out from under my pant leg. As it lay there on the ground, I grimaced, realized what had happened, and stomped the little bugger flat. (Yeah, I know, hive collapse and all that. Sue me. My leg hurt.)
By the time I got home, a tiny dark red pinpoint was visible, and right now, over an hour later, it still stings like hell. I checked closely and found no evidence of a left-behind stinger (phew!). But a fair amount of venom got in there and it's sore. I can breathe and I feel otherwise okay so I'm sure it's all fine.
I probably rode around 6 miles total. I feel better. And it's raining again. Because this is Portland.
Happy riding!


anniebikes said...

I love the new handle bars - nice sweep.

Btw, I've experienced immense relief from SAD with a boost in vitamin D. 2000mg.

LizzieL said...

I know what you mean about SADS. It's real all right. It takes such effort to do the things that you know will make you feel better, like your ride.

bikelovejones said...

I already take a crap-ton of D, along with about ten other medications to manage both depression and Crohn's. Since depression and Crohn's often have overlap I simply have to live with at least some depression year-round. Riding definitely helps, though.

And yeah, the new bars have the perfect angle for my wrists. They don't have as much rise, so I lean foward a little more, but so far this doesn't seem to be a bad thing. I like them.