Friday, October 13, 2017

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 - #1: Gino's Teriyaki

I know, the rules say I'm supposed to drink something hot.
But after delivering a bunch of parcels to the Post Office (and standing in line and paying a small fortune to mail them all), I was more hungry than thirsty; so I opted for a favorite cheap go-to of mine down the street.
Gino's Teriyaki (714 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR) serves basic cheap pan-Asian food. It's nothing fancy but it is fast, fresh, hot and satisfying. So while I waited for the swirling rain and clouds to continue on their way, I dried off over a chicken bento bowl and the latest edition of Willamette Week, Portland's free hipster weekly.
I was shocked at how little actual story copy was left in this fashion-food-dope rag, and how many pages had been given over to the ins and outs of [legal] recreational marijuana.
Either WW has gotten worse or I've gotten older. Or both.
But the food was great, and at a little over five bucks is about the same as a cup of coffee and a pastry. So I'm gonna call it good.
This stop does not meet my criteria for coffee shops near or in bike shops. But I stopped at the nearest bike shop on the way home (Revolver) to ask for free dead inner tubes (I patch these and use them in my fixer-uppers for refugee resettlement). Maybe a stretch, but it's all good. And I got to enjoy some lovely fall colors to boot.
BStone MB-4, loaded with CDs and perks for folks who pre-ordered my latest recording.

 Good, fresh, hot and cheap.

 Evidence of participation.

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