Sunday, October 8, 2017

refugee bikes: update

As my readers know, I've been refurbishing old bikes and passing them along to Catholic Charities for distribution to newly-arrived refugees. Each bike is tuned up and/or repaired as needed and comes equipped with lights, rack and a lock.

I took a break for the High Holy Days, and to repair a couple of family bikes; but now I'm back and collecting more bikes and parts.
Because of Portland's hilly landscape (lots of small dead volcanoes out there), I need old geared bikes -- road and mountain bikes, no singlespeeds, please.
-- Adult sizes only (26" or larger wheels), as I cannot handle the liability issues that arise with kids' bikes.

I also desperately need working U-Locks with keys. I prefer not to send out a bike with only a cable lock, as these can be easily cut in seconds and many new arrivals live in places where they must store their bicycles outside.

Other items I like to equip the bikes with include
-- water bottles (new or washed) and cages;
-- flat pedals (metal or plastic)
-- rear racks or baskets
-- upright handlebars

I'm good for lights for now, thanks to a generous donation from the nice folks at Portland Design Works (thank you, Hazel!).

Also -- if you have old inner tubes you haven't gotten around to patching I will gladly accept them as donations. I patch them and use them when tuning up the bikes (and it keeps them out of the landfill!).
(Below: patched tubes, ready to reuse.)

I will be tuning bikes all winter, in between touring and music work.

Thanks and happy riding!

 (Pictured: Recntly-tuned bikes that are now enjoying new life under riders in Portland and Salem.)

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