Wednesday, July 25, 2018

disc brakes are mostly overkill

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I admit it. I have not jumped on the disc brake bandwagon. Disc brakes are expensive, add an awful lot of weight to a bike, and are easily damaged and fussy as hell to readjust. And frankly, they're overkill for all but the wettest and/or downhill conditions -- or when someone is riding too fast to properly control their bike.
In short, they're a boondoggle by the bicycle industry to sell us more stuff we don't actually need.
(Insert Grumpy Cat face here.)

So a couple months ago, when these decals showed up at a local bike shop, I jumped on the last two and immediately affixed them to my cargo hauling BStone, which has old-school cantilever brakes.
Which work just fine, even under load.
I'm sure I've just sunk my chance of ever working in a full-service modern bike shop again.
I can live with that.

Coming soon: recycling everything in the name of sustainability (aka cheapskate repairs that are totally safe and good).
Happy riding!

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Unknown said...

They may be overkill, but I like 'em!