Sunday, July 15, 2018

nostalgia night at portland short-track

Tomorrow night (7/16) I'll be pulling on my Team Slow t-shirt and cap, throwing a stiff, creaky leg over Stompy and heading down to PIR for Portland Racing's "Getting the Band Back Together" night.
Series promoter Kris Schamp isinviting all STXC alumni to come back and celebrate the 14th season of the series. They'll be given discounts of they want to race; or they can enjoy a fun-for-all "hot lap" before the real racing begins. (Having ridden my last short-track race in 2013 before hanging it up, I'll be opting for the hot lap and skipping the real racing, but I'll stick around to enjoy the evening.)

If you're around, come on down to PIR at 5:45pm. The hot lap starts a little before 6. Stick around to watch some pretty awesome local racing. Bring a box dinner (no alcohol, please) and hang out.

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